When you have a problem with your computer, taking it to the computer shop in Colwyn Bay or your local town might seem like the obvious solution, but it might not be the best solution.

Hi, my name is Stephen Richards the owner of Computer Technical Solutions, I was born in Colwyn Bay and over the last 40 odd years I’ve seen technology move on at an incredible pace and my IT skills have had to keep up and improve year on year as a result.

Back in 2004 I was working for a large international company where 5 IT staff were responsible for over 200 servers, 400 user computers at the UK office and all of the servers and computers in the Italian, German and Dutch offices as well.

Obviously you can’t have 5 people split between 4 offices and be effective, as a result almost everything we did was accomplished from our desks here in the UK or from home when we were on call.

These days people are used to having their computer remotely accessed for maintenance work, even back in 2004 it was standard practice for busy business IT departments. As a result of all that computer shop Colwyn Bayexperience I honestly thought that users in North Wales would jump at the chance to have less down time and more time with a working computer, but here we are in 2017 (as I write this) and still people are slow to understand that you save time and money by having the work done remotely.

Now, it is true that not all jobs can be done remotely, hardware issues like faulty power supplies, or memory upgrades, require the attention of a physical engineer; but again that is where we are different. We come to you so you don’t have to queue!

In some cases we really do have to take your computer away to complete work, usually because it will work out cheaper for you and is more efficient for us, but so many issues can be fixed remotely. In these cases rather than you take your computer to the computer shop Colwyn Bay or anywhere else, we come to you and collect, repair and return the computer saving you time, money and fuel.

Here are some of the jobs we have sorted remotely in the last 6 months:-

  • Printer issue (faulty printer driver)
  • Antivirus installation
  • Problem with email application failing to start
  • Microsoft Office – assistance with formatting documents
  • Database configuration
  • Offsite backup
  • Malware removal
  • Speeding up a computer

The last two in the list were interesting from the users perspective, the remote access sessions happened around 4pm and didn’t complete until 2am, but the client simply enjoyed their evening in front of the TV, went to bed and when they got up the following morning everything was sorted. The invoice complete with a breakdown of the work was in their inbox and all they had to do was make the payment via their bank account.


We also offer a range of services for those home and business owners who need to have their computers looked after and maintained to a high standard on a daily weekly and monthly basis. On our Managed Services plans (and we can customise these for each company or home user), we provide daily heath and security checks, weekly security updates, monthly reports and a lot more.

Our Managed Service plans are based on the number of computers you have maintained by us, what extras you tack on like having Anti-Virus included, backups included etc. Recently we have managed to lower the costs to our customers making these maintenance plans even more cost effective.

We also offer Pre-Pay where you can buy hours in advance at a reduced rate and save money by locking in a lower price for years to come! Learn More…

Security Solutions

We are also IT Security experts and can offer practical advice, security audits and security solutions via our sister company Watchman IT Security. Because of our knowledge we are often called upon to provide education to businesses concerning the current threat status within the IT community, ways to prevent your employees or you as an employee from causing a data breach and assistance with reaching the Governments recommendation of attaining Cyber Essentials certification.

Being Green

Obviously another advantage of remote repair is that the impact on the environment is dramatically reduced. Of course this is a big issue for everyone these days, if by “remoting” into your system we can reduce the carbon footprint then all the better. Even the short trip from Llanfairtalhairn to Colwyn Bay, or Llandudno, Rhos-on-Sea or Prestatyn has an impact on the environment. A remote session is much better all around and saves you time as well. Just get on with your day whist we repair your computer.


Being green is important to the manufacturers of computers as well, modern systems are designed to be better for the environment which is great, but if you have a Windows operating system, one of the green power savers can actually cause problems. If you connect to the internet on a wireless connection the on-board wireless card will have a power setting that is set to power off when nothing is being used.

Unfortunately this sometimes causes an issue where the wireless card fails to “wake up” when you need it. As a result people often find they go back to their laptop and can’t get online, a reboot fixes the issue but not the cause.

To fix the cause locate the wireless card in Manage Devices and check the Power Saving tab. Remove the tick on the wireless power saving and OK your way out of the settings, the problem will go for good.


So, next time you are thinking about stripping down your computer or laptop to take it to the computer shop Colwyn Bay or anywhere else for that matter, why not give us a call first?

Computer Technical Solutions

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