SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

This is the technique of improving your websites position within the search engines such that you have a steady stream of visitors who arrive at your site naturally (organic traffic) and is performed by utilising a range of techniques that comply with the rules of the main search engines.

Now in English

We perform a range of tasks that include:

  • The study of your website and its content
  • Analysis of who your target customers are
  • Improvement of the website content to enhance search results (on page optimisation)
  • Perform a series of techniques that improve your websites visibility from other sites (off page optimisation)
  • Track and analyse the improvements and identify new areas to target for further optimisation
  • Monitor and repeat as required to maintain your listing advantage within the search engines


We know that SEO is all about how trusted and relevant your website content is with the search engines. We know that only by working within Googles Rules will Google allow you to have your website ranked well. Google posts the basics rules here but the interpretation of those rules is an art with each of the possible techniques. Breaking the rules could put you in the sandbox or get you banned from Google.

Why are we picking on Google? Simple – it is by far the largest and most important of all the search engines. Of course we look to get you ranked well with all of the search engines but if you achieve a good position on Google you will get the majority of your traffic through them.

How quickly can I get to page 1 of Google?

This is the question that always comes up, the answer depends on a lot of things….


If we were to decide a budget for Google AdWords then we could get you onto page one of Google with ease for your chosen search term, the thing is, when you stop paying – you stop appearing. Google AdWords is a brilliant tool for new websites, for new products and services, it will give you a boost for a price, but organic traffic will generate far more traffic for the long term.

Organic Traffic

When SEO is performed well you get organic traffic that will keep presenting your website to searchers for your chosen search terms day after day after day. By doing a good job over a period of 3 – 6 months you may get years worth of visitors (providing Google doesn’t move the goal posts dramatically).

However, there are people out there who are looking for a quick sort term advantage who may try and cheat the search engines. Remember earlier I had trust as a heading, that is because Google wants to provide the best results for your chosen search term, it needs to have trust in your website to list you well. When Google identifies a way in which people are trying to cheat the system and manipulate its trust, Google does what you or I would do if a person did that to us; it gives them a wide birth and changes its rules of operation. This can impact the innocent as well as the guilty.

Because of the actions of the so called Black Hat community, we are always studying the best White Hat techniques and looking for the smallest shift in Googles Algorithm (as far as anyone can detect these things).

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