Website threat to Business owners!

Today Radio 4 spoke with the FSB concerning some threats that have come to light for business owners. I have to say that this really isn’t anything new, but the increase in the prevalence of this sort of attack means that all business owners should be camera

In essence the business receives a threatening email explaining that the hacker has access to their website and can take it over and change anything on it at any time. The message will continue to explain that unless a ransom is paid the site will be defaced.

So what can be done stop this Website threat to business owners? Some people (the FSB included) are asking the Police to do more in educating the public and co-ordinating the arrest of these hackers.

The problem is that the hacker could be anywhere in the world and is probably in a country where no treaty exists to have them arrested and prosecuted.

So the onus falls on the business owner to protect their data – In my opinion that is the best way forward. Yes the hacker will always be one step ahead, but the more challenging you make the hackers job the more likely they are to move on to an easier target.

Here are some things you can do:-

  • Make sure that all website access uses complex passwords that do not contain anything that might be considered a word in a dictionary.
  • Lock all FTP access to the site unless it is needed for data transfer.
  • Use Anti-Virus and Intruder Detection systems on your website server (many hosting companies can provide this at a small extra cost).
  • Lock the Domain name so that it can’t be transferred (usually done automatically).
  • Have someone who understands the threat (an IT engineer) check the system logs regularly to identify unusual activity.

The list is of course endless, but if you at least do the basics, then you become less of a target.

For more information or help contact Steve at Computer Technical Solutions on 01492 818111 or through the Contact Page.

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