Company Wide Training Program

Do your staff spend too much time completing paperwork?

  • Would you like to see higher productivity?
  • Higher staff retention rates?
  • Higher staff satisfaction?
  • Greater client satisfaction?
  • How would you feel  if you got an 11% increase in productivity?
  • What difference would increased productivity make to your bottom line?


What now?

Video training has some great advantages:

  • Our videos are in 10 minute sections, bite sized information assimilation
  • Professional conversational demonstrated video makes training interesting
  • No boring talking to camera lectures
  • Replay and learn as often as you need

I know, you are probably wondering about the bottom line, so here it is…..

You could pay hundreds of pounds for a trainer to come in for a day (and you probably can’t afford to have all of your staff training for a day).

You could pay £150 per person for a Microsoft Word course and send your staff one at a time!

You could pay more than that for an introduction to Windows 8, and we know that you are probably interested in the quality of the material in the course, so we have put a couple of Windows 8 lessons together into a Free video for you to watch and evaluate right here. The Windows 8 video is presented by my good friend Chip and one of his collegues Andy (who makes a great stooge but is actually a very switched on guy).

Our online training course is subscription based, you can give access to the training portal to all of your employees for the length of the subscription (one year).

We could easily charge £750 a year or more for these courses, but we won’t!

We could charge £180 per month, but again, we won’t because we are all about long term relationships with our clients and definitely not about a “quick buck”.

That’s why:

Your whole company can become up to 11% more productive for £195.75 (inc VAT) a year!

I know that sounds really crazy, but here’s the crazy thing…. We are adding courses throughout the year and you will get them for no extra cost.guaranteed

Still not sure, then I will add a 90 day, no quibble, money back guarantee. If you find the training boring, unrevealing, or you just don’t like it, then we will give you your money back.

What have you got to lose?