Scams – Knowledge is power

Scams – Protect Yourself with Knowledge

Month on month customers fall foul of scams, criminals who rob people of money they can hardly afford. So it’s time to educate everyone on the current threats that have been hitting my clients. Knowledge is power, and if you take the time to read the article discussed within this short post, then you will be on the road to protecting yourself from scams. We discuss scams by phone, email and malware that are costing people money. Protect yourself from identity fraud in the process and there is a special section for business owners towards the end of the article written by Stephen Richards. Over the last couple of months we have dealt with the results of people who have fallen foul of some of these scams and because of the increase in the threat to others we wanted to help everyone by providing the information about the scams and ways to identify them or protect yourself from the threat. So read on and stop the Scammers. Recent scams and what to do about them.

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