Data Protection – Don’t under-estimate the value of your data

A Data Protection breech data in your company could cost you more than you ever thought possible. Your business data probably includes suppliers and clients as well as your businesses financial data. When we ask clients what they think would be most attractive to a hacker or a thief they nearly always choose the money; in fact the money is a short term gain for the criminal.

Most cyber-criminals would rather have client data because if they can exploit each client then it is more valuable to them than what they can gain from just your company, even if you have millions in the bank.

So how can you protect yourself from data loss? How can you be sure that you get the right information? Who can you trust?

At CTS we have been in business long enough to know who the good guys in security are and we trust very few. However, one company stands head and shoulders above the rest; their level of serice and knowledge is astounding and we are proud to recommend The Risk Factory.

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