Refurbished PC’s? That’s Rubbish – Isn’t it?

Refurbished PC’s are nothing new, there are dozens of businesses that sell them, but very few do anything more than re-install the original operating system.

As Microsoft Registered Refurbishers we have to do much more….

  1. First of all, we remove the original hard drive and wipe it to military standards
  2. Then we test the hardware and upgrade anything that requires replacing
  3. Next we install a NEW Operating System (Currently Windows 7)
  4. We register the new Operating System with Microsoft
  5. We install a suitable Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware program
  6. If we have a particular client in mind and they have requested it we install Microsoft Office
  7. If the machine does not require office we install a similar program that is Free, then we add an Outlook style email client
  8. We install Skype (because lots of home and business users need it)
  9. Finally we soak test the machine to make sure it works correctly
  10. The we pass on a tried and tested machine to the new owner at a bargain price

Who can buy these refurbished PC’s?

Anyone can buy these machines in the UK. If you are buying as a Government Agency or an Educational Organisation then we need to know in advance as you are entitled to a small discount that we are keen to pass on.

So are these machines rubbish?

Certainly not. True, we prepare these PC’s for general office use or for a home user, they are suitable for these tasks and will be more than adequate for these jobs. If you are looking for the latest gaming machine then this is not the answer.

How much can I expect to pay?

Usually these machines sell for around £120 for the tower, some PC’s cost more because they have had new hard drives, DVD drives or more memory added. That’s less than half the price of a brand new machine with Windows 7. If you want a screen, keyboard and mouse then the price will go up, we don’t refurbish screens but we have a great supplier of new screens who is reasonably priced.

Want to know more. Call us.


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