We’re Overheating – It’s a British Thing…

We’re Overheating – It’s a British Thing…

The weather has been incredibly warm the last week or so and no doubt whilst some loved it others were not so keen on overheating; however, things are cooling off a little to bring the temperature more into line with what we overheatingare used to in the UK.

When the weather is like this our computers can act up a bit, although they certainly should handle the heat, unless they are in optimal condition they will start to overheat and shutdown.

On laptops you can usually feel how hot the bottom surface of the laptop is, with a PC it’s not so easy to tell, and for either of these devices, by the time they start shutting down on their own, the damage is already being done.

When we service a PC we usually unplug the PC, take the covers off and vacuum inside the main case as well as the Power Supply fans, this is a simple job that anyone can do with a little bit of patience and a screwdriver. If you want to do this yourself then make sure everything for the main case of the PC is unplugged and before you take the case side cover off. Generally, the sockets on the back of the PC are on one side of the case and it is the opposite cover that needs to be removed.

So, if the sockets on the back of the PC are on the left then it is the right-hand cover that needs to be removed.

If the PC still acts up and turns off on its own then you need to call us because it is overheating, that means it needs cleaning out and needs us to re-seat the CPU.

For a laptop that is overheating, the process is different, we would take the machine back to our offices where we could strip the laptop down before cleaning it and then reseating the CPU before rebuilding it.

All this takes a bit of time but if your PC or Laptop is running slow then we will collect it, perform the work and return it within 24 hours for just £40.00 inc VAT*


*NOTE: If you live more than 20 miles from our office then a call out fee may apply, typically this is £10 for a 70-mile round trip.
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