Microsoft Exchange is a great tool (when everything is working correctly), having worked on MS Exchange for many years and having purchased the hardware, configured it and installed it to transfer data from a Linux Mail Server to Exchange I know the hard work it takes to get everything up and running. But what happens when you need to convert an Offline Storage Table OST to PST Personal Storage Table?

If Exchange is still available and if the users data is still on the Exchange Server then you can export it very easily, but what about when that Exchange Server isn’t available and all you have is an OST file?

That’s where we come in!

We can convert your OST file to almost any format you need to read the emails. The most popular request we have is to convert the OST to a PST file. Now it is true that there are tools you can buy to perform this task, it is also true that some are better than others at getting the job done. We have seen very large OST files fail on some so called simple OST to PST converters because the OST has a small amount of corruption. For us however, that isn’t an issue, even if the OST file is heavily corrupted and even if it is 7Mb or more in size, we can still typically complete the task for you within 24 hours.

What about other output formats?

Single Output Files:

Your OST file can be converted to PST, DBX (Outlook Express) or MBOX (Unix, Linux, Apple and Mozilla Thunderbird) file types.


Multiple Output Files

If you need the file to be in other formats we can do that as well, any of the file formats shown in the associated picture are available as output files as well as the original PST file.

Yes…. Even a PDF!



Other Mail Server Formats

Yes! We can do the almost impossible and convert your OST file to a Hotmail/Live.com or Outlook.com file type and even the same file format as Gmail if that is what you need.



No Win No Fee!

Just like those lawyers out there, we operate a No Win No Fee OST to PST conversion policy. If we can’t do the job then you owe us nothing! Our prices are really clear and transparent and we guarantee that the data will be safe under GDPR Data Protection Regulations.

Price List

Please not that when you have calculated the Average Size of your OST file you should round it up to the nearest Mb. The reason for this is that a 6Mb OST file will typically produce a PST of 7Mb.

Only One OST?

Then life is simple for you, if the size is 3.5Mb and you only want a PST file then the cost is just £20 plus VAT, if you want a MSG file as well as the includedd PST then add £10 taking the price to £30 plus VAT.

Multiple OST Price Examples

So, lets say that you have 14 OST files and the average size is 4Mb and you just want a PST file for each OST file you submit, then 14 x £13.00 = £182 + VAT.

Now lets say that you have 14 OST files with an average size of 1.9Mb and you want a Live.COM file for each of the OST files (of course you will get the included PST files as well), the we have:

(14 x £6) + (14 x £7) = £84 + £98 = £182 + VAT.

Number of OST’s Average Size

OST <2Mb

Average Size

OST 2Mb < 5Mb

Average Size

OST > 5Mb

Average Size


Cost per Additional

Format Output File

1 £10.00 £20.00 £30.00 Included £10.00
2 – 5 £8.00 per OST £16.00 per OST £25.00 per OST Included £8.00
6 – 10 £7.00 per OST £15.00 per OST £23.00 per OST Included £8.00
11 – 15 £6.00 per OST £13.00 per OST £20.00 per OST Included £7.00
16 – 20 £5.50 per OST £12.00 per OST £18.00 per OST Included £6.00
Over 20  £5.00 per OST £10.00 per OST £15.00 per OST Included £5.00

All prices Exclude VAT

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