One month without ADSL

Imagine trying to run your business without Broadband?

How would you cope?

Of course we had no idea!

After years of poor broadband speed (expected to some extent in North Wales) B.T. started to roll out Infinity, at last Fibre Optic was available, but there was a down side. Our current provider would not be able to provide it for some time to come.

Worse still, I never really liked our current provider, slow to respond to issues, high prices, no out of hours support. Utility Warehouse (UW) have been useless for far too long – my opinion, some of the people who have become resellers/distributors are genuinely nice people, unfortunately they don’t understand the telecommunications industry and are often “brain washed” with the hype from their company office.

That said, few companies provide excellent service and products in this arena.

So how come it took a month for us to switch?


  1. We moved house 2 years ago and UW failed to register the number we took with us as being located at the new address, they just changed the billing address (We were unaware of this).
  2. Because the phone number was registered at the wrong address our first provider of choice could not take on the line.
  3. Forced to the core provider B.T. (1st September 2013) even they struggled, after 10 days they located the problem having had our order fail 3 times.
  4. B.T. were forced to wipe all records associated with our number from their systems and manually re-insert the data
  5. Then to ensure we got our service completed ASAP they split the order for phone and broadband so that if the phone order failed they could at least start again with minimum issues.
  6. The phone order went through.
  7. The phone got connected about 3 weeks after the original order!
  8. Now we waited for broadband, and waited and waited.
  9. There was an issue at B.T. that caused a delay of 4 days (in my book because they don’t count weekends):
    1. The order for Broadband was placed and expedited on a Friday.
    2. The team who pick up the order to expedite could not process for 24 hours (B.T. time) which meant end of Monday so on Tuesday someone did something!
  10. Finally on Thursday 11 a.m. October 2013, the engineers started work and completed by mid day!

Over one month with no broadband!

So how did I run my business?


I use VOIP phones so I have my mobile set up as an extension on these phones, so all calls came through to my mobile as usual.

My home computers were offline so I purchased an O2 3G dongle and got my main PC online.

The laptops were connected to our neighbors B.T. WiFi (that’s how B.T. offer hotspot coverage by the way) and by using a code provided by B.T. Infinity Care team (after several complaints about my delayed order) we could connect so our lad could do his college homework.

Finally today on day 1 of Infinity we have speeds of:

I’m disappointing at present but I’m hoping that the speed will ramp up.

We were promised 70 down and 12 up so you can see why I’m disappointed, but really it’s great to have anywhere near this speed.


How would you cope without Internet in your business?

I now have a better solution and I can share it with you if you are interested – just email me!

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