New Information Sites

Mortgages – New Information Sites

We are creating some new information sites and the first one is currently in Beta Testing at the moment.

This, the first of three new information sites is aimed at clearing up some of the mystery surrounding the mortgage works the first site at is nearly ready to start promoting. We are just finishing off some amendments and additional content of the Free eBook to make it a bit prettier (the current content is correct and already done in the current version).

The eBook has explanations of 7 types of product and the full set of terminology that is usually used by IFA’s so that you understand what they are talking information sites

We intend to update sites Blog on a regular basis to discuss current news and in particular to highlight those little gems that may have slipped by without you noticing. We are also leaving the blog open to comments so that valuable discussions can take place. There is always a risk that the blog will get spammed and we will be actively monitoring to prevent this.
Automated Blog Spam filtering is being tested and we expect to have it online soon.

Other new information sites

Other new information sites aimed at providing free consumer advice are in development and we expect to have them live in the next month (all things being equal). There is still a lot of SEO work to be done but we are more concerned at present with the look and feel of the sites. So this first one is quite important for us as it will be the base standard for he others.

We know there is a lot of competition out there for these sorts of sites but we believe we can get certain concepts across better than our competition using very regimented concepts that we have been developing over the past year.

Let us know what you think.

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