Stop wasting your time!

Like most people, I hate having to repeat myself, I dislike repetitive jobs as well. My time is valuable and if I have to repeat a task daily, weekly or monthly I will try and find a way to automate it.

Marketing is something every business needs to do, but it is something that requires consistent and persistent action to succeed. That sounds like repetition to me!

Obviously there is no way you can 100% automate marketing, but if you could semi-automate your eMail marketing wouldn’t that save you time and money?

People will not buy from you until they know you, like you and trust you, so if you have already built a good relationship with them, then this scenario may apply to your marketing.

That’s where this solution comes in, here’s a marketing task and it’s follow-up actions for typical SME business.

  1. Identify a solution for your clients
  2. Formulate an email or email campaign to send them
  3. Wait for the orders to flood in!

OK, we all know that the orders don’t flood in, but have you ever wondered why? Maybe you know this, so if I’m teaching granny to suck eggs then forgive me, but:-

  • Typically less than 20% of your emails will be opened
  • Of those opened 45% will be read fully
  • Of that 45% maybe only 20% are truly interested
  • Of that 20% only 5% will click through and consider buying
  • Of that 5% less than 30% will actually buy into your product or service

Lets put some number in place to help you understand what happens with that single email. Imagine this SME has 10,000 email addresses in their database, then 2,000 opened the email; 900 read it fully; 180 are interested and just 9 click through top your sales page meaning that 2.7 people, lets be generous and say 3 people purchase from your email.


Usually people need to see an advert at least 7 times before they register it as being important or relevant to them. Next, these people may not be looking for your solution at this moment in time as a result they don’t take any further action. The main thing to remember is that you need to be consistent and persistent with your email marketing.

How can you possibly know who is even interested?

Many email marketing tools track events such as clicks on links within emails, but what if you could go one step further?

What if after someone opened the email and clicked on the link to your sales page BUT failed to purchase anything they were contacted again by (maybe the next day), the email may start asking them to let you know what was missing from the product or service you had shown them; you can then follow on in the email running through some extra benefits and features that they may not be aware of.

If they fail to click through and purchase this time then perhaps they are sent the main email again next month, but if they do click through surely now they are more likely to make the sale yes?

However if they don’t then perhaps one of your sales team should call them within a couple of days and find out if you can help them locate their ideal solution.

That type of marketing is here and it will cost you less than £10 per month!

We are giving away the opportunity for you to Test Drive the system for FREE before you buy it, just complete the form below and we will set up your account and email you once this has been done.

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