Malware Removal – remote repairs

Malware Removal

Why would you want to have malware removed? You probably know the answer, malware slows your computer down and can result in information that you would prefer to keep private being leaked to 3rd parties that you don’t want to share information with.

How does malware get on my computer?

We all like free programs (games or otherwise), software companies know this and will often provide sample versions or trial versions of their software to tempt you. These trial versions often have advertising built in to them which will be removed when you buy the full version. The malware usually gets on your computer during the installation process; the process is something like this:

  1. You download the software
  2. You install the software
  3. During installation you are asked if you want a quick/automated install or a manual install
  4. You choose quick/automated
  5. The automated install installs several other programs you didn’t want – these programs may actually be malware
  6. Your computer starts sending marketing information to companies
  7. Your computer runs slower

Uninstalling the original program doesn’t remove the problem.

Browser Hooks

Another form of malware consists of something known as a browser hook. You may know that your browser can have little additions that make your life simpler like password managers etc. Malware creators take advantage of the browsers ability to accept these hooks and as a result when you double click on your browser it has to load lots of small programs that integrate with the browser, as a result the browser takes an age to open.

Worse still, the malware that may infect the browser changes your home page or sends all of your searches to sites that the malware creator either controls or has hacked.

Host file hacks

The Host file has existed for generations of operating systems. It allows your computer to find certain network information, including information about your local host IP Address. Don’t worry if that sounds like technical gobbledygook, it is enough to say that this is how some forms of malware cause certain threatening web pages to display every time you open your browser.


You have probably got the idea that there is a lot of malware out there and that there are many different types of malware out there as well. In fact, there is more malware being created every day and the variants of that malware appear all over the internet.

So what should you do about it?

Well there are lots of programs out there that claim to remove all known malware, the problem is that even the best of these remove about 90% of the malware problems, the other 10% make it easy more malware to be installed on your machine.

Our experience has shown that several different programs often need to used in combination to remove the malware completely.

The best solution would be to:

  • Identify the malware
  • Determine where it has been installed
  • Uninstall the malware
  • Remove all references to that malware in the system registry, host file, browser, etc.

That is what we do, we have been performing this task for customers for many years. We can even do this work remotely so that you don’t need to worry about us coming to you or you getting your computer to us.

What should I do next?

The answer is simple….. You should contact us, either use the chat box on the site, email us here or contact us by phone 01492 818111.


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