Last Chance for Windows 10

The chance to update to Windows 10 for Free Ends on 29/07/2016

Almost a year ago Microsoft released Windows 10 and for many people the little icon reminding them to upgrade has become an annoyance as they continue to use Windows 7 or Windows 8(.1).


Windows 10 Upgrade Path
Windows 10 Upgrade Path

But the time is coming to make a final decision – Upgrade for Free or Pay in the Future.


Understand Licensing

If your current operating system came with your computer; then it is probably what is known as OEM.

OEM licensed operating systems are those that are effectively tied to the computer on which they were purchased. They are none transferrable and in particular it should be noted that the computer is not the body of the machine but rather the processor and its motherboard. Replacing either of those would require you to purchase a new license for the operating system.

Because of this fact, if you have an OEM license and you choose to upgrade from Windows 7 or 8.1 to Windows 10 after 29 July 2016 you will have to purchase the Windows 10 license.

Also; if you upgraded an OEM device to Windows 10 for free then you can still reinstall Windows 10 on it for the lifetime of the device since that license cannot be legally transferred to other hardware anyway.


Upgrade Considerations

If your computer is a standalone device (home user) then your considerations will mainly be about programs that may or may not work after the upgrade. During the upgrade process there is the opportunity to look at compatibility to see what issues may lie ahead. If you have any concerns about older programs then this is for you. You should also be aware that some older printers may have issues.

If you work in an office environment then considerations will include, but are not limited to:-

  • Mapped drives – You need to know the actual path to the mapped location
  • Shared folders – You need to know the actual share address
  • Printers – Older printers and multi-function printers may have issues
  • Specialist/Bespoke software – May not work or might need to have compatibility set
  • Email applications – Your email settings need to be known or noted

In most cases the upgrade is simple and during the first 30 days you can easily role back to your previous operating system providing you with a failsafe.



We are always willing to be of assistance in these matters no matter if you are a home user or an office user.upgrade-matrix-windows10

As a result we have decided to make ourselves available during the last month to assist you.

From 29 June – 28 July we will provide an upgrade service for those who want to have our assistance. To facilitate this we are offering three level of assistance to suit your needs but they will take the time and cost into account.

NOTE: This update offer has ended

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