Thank You for subscribing to our monthly subscription support service.



  1. First of all click the link below to download the necessary monitoring tool Click Here to Download
  2. During the installation you will be asked to supply your contact details:
  • Name
  • Business Name (Leave blank)
  • Contact telephone number
  • Contact email address
  • Please complete these accurately as they will be required for us to help you.

4. Once the core program has installed you will see a program running in your task bar that has a CTSNWW logo: CTSNWW64x64

In the Task Bar it will look something like this:

taskbaricon Note: you may have to click on the little triangle shown to the left of the icon in the picture to locate it.

5. If you chose anything other than

Asking for  Support

To make a support request, locate the icon shown above and then using the left mouse button click it!

A window similar to the one below will appear

kabutorequestThe information you entered during the installation will be shown in the relevant boxes.


In the box that says “If you want to add any comments to your Service Request, add them here!” you can do what is says and add extra details like:


I can’t get to a website address that I need

My computer is very slow

I want to upgrade my service

Can you call me for advice about buying a new widget



When you are ready to proceed click the “Request a Call” button.


We will receive the request in the form of an email and will contact you as soon as a technician is available.

Please note this may not be until the next working day dependant on our work schedule, but you will have priority over everyone else except business clients who are on contract with us.