Get Rid of SPAM Once and For All

Get Rid of SPAM Once and For All

Become more productive and waste less time sorting emails every day Get Rid of SPAM Once and For All.

We don’t want to alarm you, but often people get spammed because their email details have been stolen from a website during a hack. You can check to see if your email account was hacked by visiting and entering the email address for a search.

If you have had your email account details stolen you will be told when and which site this information was stolen from. Reset your user account password on the affected site and also on your email address.

If your email address hasn’t been hacked then that’s great news, read on and find out how it happened.

Why do we get Spam?

The short answer is money. Even legitimate websites send unsolicited emails occasionally and that means they are sending Spam. Links to legitimate sites may reward the sender for each click through. None legitimate sites are connected to malware that will infect your computer and may even install ransomware that will effectively hold your data hostage until you pay for its decryption.

The difference between spammers and the very worst spam sending individuals or teams is that the really bad spammers will use multiple databases of email addresses and send emails to all of database from one database member. The next day or week another email address from the database will be used to contact the rest of the database.
This sort of action makes for a lot of frustrated recipients, the same email from lots of different email addresses means that even when you use the right click “Block Sender” option in your email program you are wasting your time.

Spammers use databases holding vast numbers of email addresses. You could get spammed because you:Get Rid of Spam Once and For All

  • Post to a newsgroup that shows your email address
  • Sign up for an internet service that asks for an email address
  • Give out your email address on your own website
  • Give your address to an online retailer
  • Someone you know gets a virus that sends their contacts to a spammer
  • You own a website and your email address is not hidden from Bots that crawl the internet

Some more Tips for Protection from Spam.

  1. Before you sign up to any website, check all the terms and conditions. You may unwittingly be opting into marketing emails. There’s normally a tick box inviting you to opt in or opt out.
  2. If you want to stop receiving a marketing email look for an ‘unsubscribe’ option at the bottom of the message.
  3. Never reply to a spam email. Very often spammers guess email addresses, so replying confirms you are a real person. Instead, block the email and/or address.
  4. If you get any suspicious email, don’t click any links – they could be phishing scams to get your personal data. If you click a suspicious links change your password as soon as possible.
  5. Create an alternative email address for signing up to websites and services.
  6. If you can’t find an unsubscribe link in an email that you recognise but no longer want to receive then visit where you will find ways to unsubscribe from a lot of well-known sites.

Finally, if you are unable to reduce the amount of spam that you receive and you are using an application like Outlook or Windows email or another application to collect email rather than your web browser then install our favourite spam fighter. >HERE

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