Fighting Spam

For several years at CTS we have been investigating solutions for fighting Spam. Each year we have found several solutions that over the years have become less effective and so we have had to research and investigate every year.

Finally however we have found a solutions that works exceptionally well for users with their own domain (don’t stress if you haven’t got your own domain we can still help).

CTS Mailprotector reduces the burden on your IT staff by providing

a clean, easy to use console interface for your end users.

With CloudFilter, you can choose to allow your users to

manage their own message quarantine or add addresses to

their allow/block list to further achieve the optimal level of


At CTS we have been testing the system and have been amazed at how effective it is.











At the start of October 2014 we set our primary email domain account to be scanned and protected by our new solution and what we found was that our spam has dropped to all but zero (we have had one item get through that should have been stopped, we have had no false negatives and we have reduced the amount of time we waste on sorting spam by hours a week.

How much time could your company save? At about £2 a mail box per month how can you lose?

Call us for information.

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