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In 2014 CTS added a new product range to its Internet Safety range. In our opinion as IT Gurus you can’t get better than this for protecting your family.





How does this protect my family?

NetGenie is a wireless router that has an active firewall that is updated live via the cloud but it’s more than just a firewall!

As you can see from the picture above, each user has an account, so this system isn’t a blanket policy provided by your Internet Service Provider (ISP) that treats everyone in the house the same, this system is age sensitive.

Not only is this system age sensitive, but it ensures that your internet savvy children can’t bypass it by using their PlayStation or X Box to browse undesirable internet pages or set up a proxy that bypasses the ISP protection. It’s simple, they have to log in using their username and password to access the Internet; therefore the age appropriate rules of NetGenie apply protecting your children, not just from inappropriate content, but from undesirable applications, malware and viruses from hackers, groomers and paedophiles.

How does it work?

NetGenie replaces your router (the box that connects your house to the Internet), it performs all the duties of your existing router as well as its special set of functions:

Age-Wise Parental Controls

Block harmful internet content intelligently for different family members. Each members has their own profile which is assigned to all of their devices such as laptops, phones, consoles etc. This then lets you manage what sites they can get on very easily with the in built white and black lists for different age groups (pre-configured but you can customise it), control the time they’re allowed on sites and block certain categories of websites incredibly easily from their list of over 70 different types.

Protection From Bots & Hackers

Protect all of your devices such as desktop, laptops, handheld devices like mobile phones and tablets, gaming consoles and even Smart TV’s from everything malicious on the web. The built in firewall and the Intrusion Detection System block access from anyone trying to access your network maliciously. This also stops the spreading of malicious software over your network, if for example you had someone come and stay you can feel safe in the knowledge that any infections that are on their device will not spread to anyone else’s.

 Excellent Wireless Range &  High Performance

A lot of the time, the routers that your internet providers put in are cheap, and extremely mass produced. Good for them, bad for you. Experience a true Wi-Fi home and enjoy internet browsing from your laptops, smartphones, tablets and more. Play online games, enjoy HD video and high bandwidth downloads.


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Don’t just take our word for it……

Tristan Bateup is a father of two children. He was concerned about his children’s online exposure to various websites especially with variety of devices like laptop, Smartphone etc are easily available to access Internet. After a thorough research on products available in market which can help him address this issue, he found NetGenie as a best match. After configuring NetGenie at his home, he is happy with the fact that NetGenie has given him a ‘Peace of Mind’ as a parent with the kind of security it provides to his home network.

– Tristan Bateup, UK

Glenn Burgess is a father of four and half year boy. He found his son watching a video on YouTube which had inappropriate content. This incident made him want to control what all his young son could watch. He not only could gain that peace of mind through netGenie but is also appreciative that Netgenie offers so much more in terms of wi-fi protection, child protection and more.

– Glenn Burgess, UK

Vijayandhran Ganesan from UAE has installed NetGenie. He has a family of four with two kids. The deployment of NetGenie at his place proved very beneficial in day to day use of Internet. He is satisfied with the working of NetGenie giving controlled freedom to his kids.

– Vijayandhran Ganesan, UAE

NetGenie has a good friendly GUI. I have been using Cyberoam UTM, so purchased NetGenie for my home and the security features have performed commendably well. I was unaware of the parental control features but now they help me monitor the internet usage of my family members. According to me NetGenie is the best buy according to the features and its price

– Rasesh D, India

A wonderful router for parents. I am very satisfied with it’s unique age wise parental controls. It saves a lot of undue arguments at home between me and my kids. With NetGenie, I can ensure safe Internet for my kids.

– KELLY SAYMORE, father of 8 and 12 year old kids, London

I was looking for a way to secure my kids on Internet at home. I came across NetGenie and now can entrust safe Internet for my kids at home too. It was a wise decision to deploy it and now it makes me feel proud.

– PAUL GRENDICH, father of 10 and 15 year old kids, Sydney

I was looking for a router which was secure and safe from intruders. With in-built security NetGenie saves my laptop, Ipad and smartphone from viruses and hackers. It is very easy to deploy and gives a relief while connecting it to the Internet. Stay away Hackers!!

– TOM MATHEWS, Istanbul

Being a parent, I was looking for a secure Wi-Fi solution, found NetGenie which offers parental control solutions too. It has helped me a lot to keep a track of Internet activities of my kids and schedule their online time usage. I suggest NetGenie to all parents whose kids surf Internet at home. I am proud to possess one.

– MARTIN ROHBIRD, father of 14 and 16 year old kids, Paris

With the 3G internet connection craze increasing everywhere, I purchased NetGenie which offers 3G speed to all my Internet access devices. My Wi-Fi is safe from all external intrusions. Its a secure Internet experience with NetGenie.


I bought a NetGenie device few days back. I must say it is a very good buy for me because ‘NetGenie Home Smart Wireless Router with family protection’ is a full featured solution in one box.

– Harsha, India



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