Refurbishing PC’s is a specialist job?

I’m often asked if I can dispose of old computers, the answer has always been “Yes”, but the logistics have always been a challenge. Refurbishing PC’s is a specialist job that’s why we are Microsoft Registered Refurbishers.

Disposing of computers and parts when they can no longer be recycled or repaired means following the strict under the WEEE directive regulations.

Who do we supply?

Home users, business users, charities, not for profit organisations, educational organisations (schools and colleges).

Why do they buy 2nd user refurbished computers? Simple they are cheaper and for general office work they are much more cost effective.

Most computers (even with relatively low specifications) are more than capable of running Office applications provided they have sufficient RAM memory.


Refurbishing Computers

We have been refurbishing computers for a long time. We can’t refurbish every computer, there are some criteria that we prefer to ensure the best results.

  • The computer must be able to run Windows 7 or 8
  • The Computer must have a serviceable motherboard
  • You must have owned the computer for 6 months or more
  • It must be your computer (owned by you) to donate

Disk drives and date destruction

Your data is important to you and your should only share it with people you want to share it with. We work to extremely high standards to make sure that your data is not available to anyone else!

We erase data using DoD and Guttman  methods and wipe the drive many times to make sure the disk is clean before we format the drive and install a new operating system.

New Operating System

The new operating systems come from Microsoft and have their own Certificate of Authentication (COA).

This means that the new user can take advantage of genuine Microsoft operating systems and pre-owned hardware prices.

Why do we charge

The answer may not be obvious; however, each of these computers has to be:

  • Physically examined and checked
  • Tested by software and hardware testing equipment
  • New hardware selected and fitted
    • Upgrade RAM
    • Change CD drives for DVD drives
    • Replace damaged parts
  • Data wiped
  • New Operating System installed
  • New software installed
    • Free Anti-Virus
    • Free Office System (Word processor, Spreadsheet and Presentation tool)
    • Skype
  • Tested by software and hardware testing equipment again!
  • Electrically tested
  • We provide a 3 or 6 month warrantee on all our refurbished systems

The typical time for this sort of work varies between 7 and 15 hours which is a lot of labour. The only way we can actually make a profit is to work on several computers at the same time.

What’s for sale?

Stock varies a lot, so you should phone us and see what is in stock. If we don’t have anything suitable we may be able to find you something for you.

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