Computer Repairs Abergele

Computer repairs usually fall into two categories, hardware issues or software issues. There aren’t many places to get Computer Repairs in Abergele.

Hardware faults can be found through visual observations, experience and when the fault is less obvious by using specialist hardware or software diagnostics to complete the computer repair.

Computer Technical Solutions use all of these methods to identify faults and as a result our success rate is 100% and we back up our findings and repairs with a warranty.

Software faults can be much harder to diagnose, true, many result in a log being made on the affected computer, but often these logged events are too general to identify the main issue.

Again the specialist tools and software that we use identify even blue screen crashes where you were unable to capture the crash data.

Laptop Repair Abergele

Using the same hardware and software diagnostics we can identify and just like any other computer repair, we can get your laptop up and running again.

Motherboard Repair

There are occasions when the fault is on the motherboard, unlike a PC a laptops motherboard requires specialist repair.

As experienced electronics engineers we know that the workshop fixtures and fittings required for these repairs are constantly changing. As a result we have enlisted the very best circuit board repair company that specialize in computer repair. We usually offer a fixed price repair for motherboard fixes.

Data Recovery

Having identified data loss we can often recover your data ourselves using a suite of specialist solutions.

Our success rate is higher than 96% and in the rare event that we are unable to recover the data but you just have to get it back then we have a data recovery specialist company on contract. This company has a clean room where they can dismantle a hard drive and replace internal parts as required to recover your data.

We then supply and fit a new hard drive, re-install the operating system and then restore the recovered data.  The cost of the replacement drive and restoration is in addition to the fixed recovery cost.

Network Faults

Network faults can often be challenging to identify. They can involve network card faults, cabling faults, TCP/IP issues, network layer faults originating in router, network switch, firewalls and many many other issues.

IT Support Specialists that we are, you can be confident of our ability to identify, repair and maintain your network.