Contract with Sentinel or Pre-Pay for same day B2B Service

contactsPre-Pay has been a long time coming!

For the last year the topic of Managed Services & Break Fix Pre-Pay for tickets has been buzzing around my head. You see, we know and our clients have proven that Sentinel gives the fastest response to problems, highest resolution in the fastest time and the best overall value for money. The alternative has always been break fix with a next day at best response time.

For many Small Office Home Office (SOHO) clients Sentinel is ideal but the uncertain nature of the financial markets makes it a cost risk that is difficult to justify, we understand this (even though we know that if your system is down – you ain’t earning).

Break Fix means delays in IT system repair and so Pre-Pay has to be the best option if done correctly – We are doing just that!

Imagine buying blocks of time with us similar to Sentinel time, but buying X hours support in advance for same day service. The blocks of time are valid for 5 years so you can lock in todays labour prices for the future. You can buy different blocks of time depending on your need or budget; 4 hours, 8 hours, 10 hours, 15 hours. Time blocks are used in 15 minute intervals and include remote repair solutions as well as on site solutions.

Sound interesting?

Have a look at the actual offer HERE and get setup for Managed Services & Break Fix Pre-Pay tickets.

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