Computer Repair in {flood}

Computer Repair in {flood}

If you are looking for Computer Repair in {flood} then Computer Technical Solutions is the answer to your problem.



  1. If you have an internet connection then we can nearly always diagnose and repair the problem remotely
  2. By performing a remote fix we can get you up and running quicker
  3. We charge by the minute and also have standard rates for certain types of issue
  4. No fix – No fee
  5. We guarantee our work so you have no need to worry
  6. If we do have to visit you in person then you will have a fixed appointment time

What sort of repairs can we help with?

Almost anything you can think of….

  • Operating system issues (Windows any version, Linux, Apple)
  • Virus and Malware removal
  • Driver issues
  • Program/Application problems
    • Installation
    • Removal
    • Repair
  • Hardware problems (may require onsite visit)

How do we connect

We use a small very secure application that you can download and install on your computer. The connection across the internet to you is secure so that access can only be acquired by us with your permission. So as you see, it makes little difference that our offices are just outside Abergele and you are in {flood}, we are able to help.

Once the connection is established we can analyse the problem and using hundreds of tools at our disposal, we can perform a repair. Once we are satisfied that the repair has been performed and that normal operations have been restored we can show you the results of our work and confirm your satisfaction then we can hand back your computer.

What about payment?

After the work has been completed, we will invoice you by email detailing all of the work that has been completed. The invoice will detail some of the payment options available.

There are some simple options for payment, online card payment via secure payment portal and PayPal are the most popular and often the simplest. Other options are available for existing clients.


All our work carried a guarantee, if the problem occurs again within 2 weeks we will resolve the issue at no cost.

Of course there are a couple of restrictions; virus and malware removal by its nature challenging, if we failed to remove it then you can be sure that we will resolve the problem. If however, the virus or malware has been re-introduced to your computer by you visiting a website or installing an application that resulted in a reoccurrence of the problem then we cannot be held responsible and another charge may be levied.