eMail Protection

Spam Protection

Your eMail is often your business lifeline, even at home the amount of genuine email compared to spam is incredible. The amount of time that is spent removing spam from your mail box is time you can’t recover.

Imagine a solution where not just spam was removed form your inbox, but also email threats such as those with malware attached were removed.

Now imagine that even your outgoing mail was scanned, not by the anti-virus on your computer, but by a cloud solution that recognised threats and prevented them from being sent to other businesses thereby protecting your reputation.

Here’s the low down:


Note: This service is not available to none private domains like or or Etc. You must own your domain (if you don’t we can still help you, call for information) and be able to provide us with access to your DNS records.emailcompliance

On top of that you get 24 hour availability mail protector ensures that your email is always available and you can have a standard or custom footer on each and every email that leaves you to protect your intellectual property and also to show that you have scanned the email in the cloud to ensure its content and integrity.


You can receive daily reports on the filtering or using a web interface you can view the filtering live and look over the last 30 days worth on results instantly in the Dashboard display.


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