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Our solution is simple, but don’t let that fool you. Behind the simple interface is the very best UK based cloud backup solution. Your data is encrypted, then sent via an encrypted connection to a data centre in London and replicated in another data centre in Maidstone. The data never leaves UK shores and so it meets legislation for IFA’s, Solicitors, Accountants and many other organisations whose data has to stay in the UK.

We have worked out the typical user packages and we have set our prices as cheap as we dare for the smaller backup user. As your data needs grow up and beyond 500 Mb the prices reflect the importance we place on your data integrity and storage.

But you will find you need less storage than you think! The amazing compression algorithm used meas that files are usually compressed by 50% and in some cases by more! That’s why we offer a 30 day FREE trial backup, it allows you to see how much storage you need and therefore how much you will have to pay.

The typical small business user backs up around 30Gb of data which can be compressed to less than 20Gb in some cases. The typical home laptop user backs up less than 20Gb and with compression that figure is reduced nicely.

File, Exchange & SQL – Scheduled Backup & Restore

  •  Business User / Windows
  •  Home User (Laptop only)
  •  Business User / Mac OS X
  •  Business User / Linux
  •  Business User / Netware
  •  Business User / Solaris

Image Backup – Hardware Independent Baremetal Protection

  •  Image Manager
  •  Shadow Protect


Get the FREE Trial  – No obligation – No payment details up front.

We like all our clients to use the free trial as this allows us to fine tune your backup requirements. We can work with you to ensure that your backups are completed properly, that there are no unexpected errors, that you are backing up what needs to be backed up and not what you you think needs to be backed up (your .PST file(s) if you use Outlook etc).

During your free trial you can have a go at recovering a file or folder for yourself and see how quick and easy it is.

You can choose to pay monthly, quarterly or annually; there are discounts applied ot the prices for quarterly and annual payment and all payments are in advance.

As a guide we have produced a price table (correct at time of publishing) and colour coded the prices as indicated below:

Typical Home User or Home Office User (Desktop or laptop)

Typical Small Business User Desktop PC used as an office repository (file sharing)

Enterprise user with data stored on Small Business Server or a File Server

Gb  Tb Monthly Monthly Quarterly Quarterly Annual Annual
Storage Size  Exc VAT Inc VAT Exc VAT Inc VAT Exc VAT Inc VAT
20    £7.00  £8.40  £25.20  £30.24  £70.00  £84.00
50    £16.63  £19.95  £59.85  £71.82  £166.25  £199.50
100    £31.50  £37.80  £113.40  £136.08  £315.00  £378.00
200    £59.50  £71.40  £214.20  £257.04  £595.00  £714.00
300    £84.00  £100.80  £302.40  £362.88  £840.00  £1,008.00
400    £105.00  £126.00  £378.00  £453.60  £1,050.00  £1,260.00
500    £122.50  £147.00  £441.00  £529.20  £1,225.00  £1,470.00
  1  £227.50  £273.00  £819.00  £982.80  £2,275.00  £2,730.00
  2  £420.00  £504.00  £1,512.00  £1,814.40  £4,200.00  £5,040.00
  3  £577.50  £693.00  £2,079.00  £2,494.80  £5,775.00  £6,930.00
  4  £700.00  £840.00  £2,520.00  £3,024.00  £7,000.00  £8,400.00
  5  £787.50  £945.00  £2,835.00  £3,402.00  £7,875.00  £9,450.00



Q. What if I have a lot of data? Won’t it take days to transfer the data first time?

A. Yes it would, but we offer a FREE Data Seeding solution. We can arrange for a USB disk drive to be sent to you, you can copy the data to that drive and return it to our data centre where it will be copied to your account, after that, only the changed files need to be updated.


Q. Does my data stay in the UK?

A. Yes, in fact your data never leaves the UK, our data storage centres are all here in the UK.


Q. Do you offer Bare Metal recovery?

A. Yes we do! Contact us if you think you might need a Bare Metal backup and we will arrange a free, no obligation installtion of our software.