Cloud Services

Cloud Services from CTS

More and more people are realising that you can save more money by moving certain services to the cloud, the simplest of all to understand is data backups.

The cost of hardware for backing up data can be high, the reliability is generally poor and maintenance cost can be excessive.

In comparison, the relatively low monthly costs of online backups, the availability of data, the high encryption levels and the number of versions of backed up files available mean that cloud backups are in fact a much better solution that the best traditional solution.

Businesses need

  • Quicker, reliable options to connect to and access the company network, data and applications
  • Easier, more cost-effective ways to communicate and collaborate internally and externally
  • More flexible, scaleable ways to create a custom IT infrastructure
  • Safer options to protect their critical business data, network and applications


For Businesses we can offer

  • Lower costs and no capital investment
  • Access to enterprise class applications and services
  • Single sign-on to all authorized services
  • One bill for multiple, on-demand services.

So using our experience we have partnered with two of the biggest and most cost effective solution providers in the world to bring a range of 1st Class solutions with reliability, simplicity and affordability.

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