Backing up your data is more than a good idea, it is an essential part of working. Even your online personal life can be affected by data loss.

How would you feel if you lost:

  • All of your documents?
  • All of your photographs?
  • All of the information you had collected about your family tree?
  • All you your customer data?
  • All of your supplier data?

It doesn’t matter how much data you have or how little, losing it can be catastrophic.

If you are in business you may lose the data in a security breach, you may be the subject of a hack, ransomware, a fire, a flood or any other natural disaster. No matter how it happens thinking “I wish I had backed it up” after the fact won’t make you feel any better.

You can backup 1Tb of information from £60 a year, you can buy the NAS drive plugin for about £40 a year. If you choose a business model it might cost more, but whatever you do, don’t wait. Sign up today HERE.