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The UK Computer Services Association

My name is Stephen Richards the owner of Computer Technical Solutions North West Wales. Since 2006 I’ve been operating in North Wales providing IT support to business and home users, I’ve created websites for some of the most prestigious organisations in the region and each day is still full of new challenges!

To be honest, that is part of the appeal of running an IT business, but there are times when you fell isolated, you need answers and solutions quickly and it’s not always obvious how or where to find those answers and solutions.

A couple of years ago I came across the UKCSA and since then I have had a real community of like minded experts to call upon. In fact, I was so impressed that I have now become a regional representative. This is a voluntary role and I do it because I believe that the UKCSA is the best way forward for independent SME’s in the IT world. It is a community with resources and common interests. Best of all you can join for FREE!

Of course there is a paid membership option as well and to tell you the truth, it is worth every penny.

Premium Members Benefits

Qualified Sales Leads for your IT Business in Wales

  • As a premium member you can opt to receive fully qualified sales leads, obtained via the customer quotes form and from other members.
  • ALL leads are fully qualified before you receive them. We will have spoken to the potential customer to ensure that the enquiry received is genuine.
  • Outline details of the lead are then forwarded to all members who have subscribed to the service.
  • The first 4 members to reply to confirm they wish to buy the lead are then emailed the full details. If you don’t want to buy the lead, simply ignore the evaluation email.

Sell Sales Leads from your IT Business in Wales

  • Have you ever received a phone call or email from an existing or potential new customer which you don’t want to follow up?
  • Fill out 1 simple form can potentially make you hundreds of pounds. We pay 5% commission on all leads with a qualified value of over £500 which we successfully place with another member. In addition, each and every time a lead is sent out to members you will also be placed in a draw to win a months featured membership worth £50.

Resource Sharing for your IT Business in Wales

  • Need help with a big job, or holiday cover? Looking to keep your engineers busy? Search our database for other members who can help. Backed by a comprehensive code of practice and dispute resolution scheme.

Generous Member Discounts for your IT Business in Wales

  • More discounts are being added all the time. Save even more with a Premium membership.
  • Dispute Resolution
  • All businesses, however well run, have difficulties with customers occasionally. It is inevitable, especially in difficult economic circumstances.
  • Involving an impartial 3rd party at an early stage to help negotiate a mutually agreeable settlement can save everyone, time, money and stress.

Email Marketing Data for your IT Business in Wales

Obtaining new customers is the hardest task for many businesses. Customers won’t find you or your web site just because you are offering great product or service that you are sure many people will need. Email marketing is highly efficient and cost effective, even more so now that you can use our regularly updated full UK B2B email lists. You can download the data from the members area at any time, and use it in any way you choose. No restrictions, just ensure you comply with the relevant UK legislation.

Ongoing IT Support & Computer Repair Work for your IT Business in Wales

Regular and ongoing, onsite IT support and computer repair work throughout the country. Workloads vary depending on your location and are expected to increase significantly in the next few months.

  • Earn a minimum of £40 per hour, paid in 30 days
  • No ongoing commitment
  • Jobs matched to your skills and within 30 minutes traveltime
  • Typically next business day service required
  • Public liability insurance required

As a premium member you’ll be offered any available work before free members.


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