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This software is simple to install – just click on the link below and follow the instructions:-

Download Here

(This application is for Windows PC’s is you are using a MAC or Linux then email us for our alternative system).

During the installation you will be asked to provide your contact details, these are used to identify you so that if you request assistance using the application we know who to call.

Once installed you will find an little CTS logo icon on the bottom right of the task bar that indicates the program is working.

By double clicking the icon or right clicking it and choosing Request Support. When you take that action a pop-up like that in the to the left shows, all you have to do then is click the Request a Call button.

The Monitoring

One of the first things malware tries to do is disable your anti-virus, so we monitor the state of your anti-virus along with several other system critical events:-

The image on the right is taken from our Monitoring Dashboard for a Windows 10 PC, the green dots indicate everything is OK, but if one of those was amber or red we would receive an email to let us know that there was a potential problem, on your computer a pop-up would inform you of an issue and ask if you wanted to use the Request a Call button to get help from us.

With this technology you have peace of mind.

We can help you remotely so long as you have a working internet connection or in the worst case scenario we can get an engineer to you.

If you haven’t already downloaded this software then…..

Download Here