Network and PCI DSS security made easy

Computer Technical Solutions can now provide the Mako System. Designed for SME organisations who want to improve network security or need help with PCI DSS Compliance. The Mako System assists businesses around the world to secure their networks and provide the capabilities needed to better manage their network connections.

The Mako System is uniquely designed to deliver a host of advanced services from a centrally managed interface in the cloud. Using a patented communications methodology, Mako Networks is able to help secure, protect and enhance the capabilities of business networks.


PCI DSS Compliance

Our unique Level One PCI DSS certification and solution can assist merchants of any size to secure credit card data.

Cloud-Based Management

Perform network administration and configuration from anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection and a web browser.

Automatic Software Updates

Mako network appliances automatically download and apply the latest security software to keep your network protected.

Mako Guardian Content Filtering

Set limits on the types of websites that can be accessed from your network, including blacklist/whitelist or block all.

Usage Reporting

Get detailed information about Internet usage at each network location and set thresholds to help control data costs.

Status Alerts

Real-time notification of potential network issues, including worm alerts, intrusion detection, unauthorized devices and more.

Easy VPNs

Create secure links between Mako-protected locations in three easy clicks, all without a static IP address.

3G Failover

Maintain network connections by automatically switching to high-speed mobile data if fixed-line networks go down.


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