Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 has been around for a few years now but in 2017 some critical business solutions come to the end of their life. Windows Vista’s final date for security updates is April 11, 2017, while Office 2007 support ends on October 10, 2017.

There has never been a better time to think about what your requirements are for 2017 and onwards.

The biggest problem most people face is trying to understand the different versions of Office 365 and then to work out what the pricing structure would be. At CTS we want to be totally up front with our clients. So please read the next paragraph carefully.

We will probably never be the cheapest provider of Office 365, but there will usually only be a few pence in it. We will however be one of the best companies to purchase from because you will get 24/7 technical support from our Office Partners direct telephone number top cover installation, updates etc. and you will get 24/7 none technical support via our Helpdesk for things like “how do I…” meaning that you get complete peace of mind.

Keeping it Simple

We have laid out the Microsoft Office 365 versions below in a table with the prices, maximum number of users and what you get.

Microsoft Office 365

It’s worth noting that if you have a valid version of Office that is supported but want to make use of the Exchange Mailbox options then you end up looking at the Enterprise section; however if you are a micro or small business you may actually be far better off buying the Business Essentials version as you get the Exchange mailbox but also get online versions of the latest software (SAAS).

A small business that has one main PC and requires just the one mailbox would probably start with Business Premium.

What ever your situation we are happy to provide a quote for you so that you will have something written down to work from.

We guide and support you through the tricky bits and will even set up the MX Records and DNS Records for you if you need that sort of assistance.

Why not give Computer Technical Solutions a call on 01492 818111 or fill out the email box below and we will get back to you.