Appointments available for Remote Repairs

ACRBORemote Support:

One of the problems that customers often come across is that arranging for a visit is a challenge. That’s where remote support comes into play.

Many of you will have seen this – we can take control of your computer remotely and securely to fix the problems provided, of course you have access to the internet.


Some people are concerned about the security aspects of us connecting remotely to their computer system(s), but there is no need to be concerned.

Why Not?

  • When we set up the connection software with you,  our software only allows us to connect with your express permission.
  • The connection is initiated by our software on your computer so the connection is outbound not inbound.
  • We can only connect when you ask us to do so and we wouldn’t ever connect without speaking to you even if we could.

What difference does the remote connection make?Remote Repairs

Apart from from the fact that we can do the work without being on site and without collecting your computer, laptop or server, to take to our workbench, the difference is really about convenience.

How do I pay you and how much will it cost?

We have several methods of paying online available to our clients and we also accept bank transfers.

The price is basically the same as if we had attended your property to complete the repairs but you can save money if you buy a bundle of time from us. Have a look HERE for more information.

What about Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)?

Well we do have a section for FAQ’s and it is in our main support section. You can arrange an appointment by raising a Ticket on our Help Desk system yourself by completing the required sections HERE.

You can also let us know the best time to contact you, so that if we need to chat on the phone we call at the best time for you.

Remember Remote Support provides the same high quality service from Computer Technical Solutions but at a time suitable to you.



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